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1 Month / APR 2.4-30%
6 Month / APR 6-35%
12 Month / APR 10-39%

LIFE offers one of the most competitive single asset staking platforms in the market, with flexible earning and time period options, all fully secured by audited smart contracts.

The Opportunity

Address verification

To send crypto, one must copy and paste a long string of arbitrary numbers and characters and verify that it’s the correct address before sending.


Complicated onboarding of cryptocurrency users in the initial stages means many potential users do not get involved.

No ownership

Custodial services do not allow users to be in full control of their digital assets.

The Solution

Hassle-free transactions

Life provides flexibility and simplicity to crypto users, allowing for hassle-free transactions, using just the username of a receiver to send funds.

Ease of use

Life is focused on superb user experience, taking the confusion out of crypto to facilitate easier onboarding and adoption.

Full Control

Life offers this simplicity that's generally associated with custodial payment systems such as PayPal, but gives the user full custody of their assets.

The Vision

The LIFE token is the key to the entire LIFE ecosystem. It plays a vital role in staking, app functionality, retail purchases, bank transfers, and debit card transactions.

LIFE's vision is to bridge crypto with everyday transactions in the real world, while adding the simplicity of username identification and versatility of a multi-chain wallet.


Send crypto by username

Send crypto to recipient address using the username

Face ID authentication

Authenticate transactions by Face ID or 4-digit password

Transfers in milliseconds

Transfer cryptocurrencies inside the Life ecosystem in milliseconds, with bank-grade security

NFT subscription

Create NFT subscription Vault and utilize it on your web page

Scheduled payments

Enable Scheduled payments with customizable logic

Best-in-class staking

Earn up to 39% APR in Life's audited smart contract staking platform


2022 Q4 & Beyond

  • Username Registration Platform
  • Wallet Light Mode
  • Bitcoin Support
  • Embedded Web Browser
  • LIFE DEX Swap
  • On/Off Ramp
  • More Layer1 (MATIC, AVAX, HBAR, CCD, FTM, FUSE)
  • LIFE Debit Card
  • LIFE Charity Actions


  • iOS/Android App Launched
  • Complete Website Design Overhaul
  • ETH / BSC Staking Platforms
  • Multi-chain Support
  • Username Feature
  • Bridge


  • Uni-Lend Finance
  • Bridge Oracle Partnership
  • Gate Partnership
  • MEXC Partnership
  • Coinify and SWFT Partnerships
  • Verasity Partnership










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